Why Are You Conducting A Case Study?

The study is an information and marketing program really designed to accomplish a few things:


1) While the science supporting H2's therapeutic effectiveness is strong (over 1,200 studies and counting on over 170 health conditions) and the evidence does clearly support a dose-dependent response (meaning more is better), we want to clinically study OUR high-concentration machines, since they are so much more potent than anything else on the market... and anecdotally, much more effective. However, since the benefits are so wide-spread, it's tough for us to make a decision on what specific health condition(s) we want to study first in a clinical setting. This study is essentially a way to gather data from our existing clients to figure out where researchers should focus their efforts in the future.


2) We want to simply find out more about what our clients are experiencing so we can help more people with similar conditions and goals.


3) The social proof provided via testimonials and social media posts from our clients has been helping us reach a large amount of people in an honest, authentic, and powerful way. Since hydrogen is a new concept in America, letting our clients help us spread the word is far more effective than if we did it ourselves.